Handmade quilts in traditional patterns and styles

One of our most popular non-furniture items is our handmade quilts. These quilts are available in a range of patterns and styles that are quintessentially American with a little smattering of the Old World. Unlike most bedding today, which is made in Asian and then exported to other countries, our quilts are handsewn in American homes using traditional sewing methods developed over 150 years ago. The work is so extensive that most quilt-makers only produce a handful of quilts each year. As beautiful and intricate as they are, do not treat these quilts with too much care—they are made to be livable works of art actually used as a covering for a bed or a crib. Colorfast woolen and cotton fabrics combined with strong seams ensures that these quilts can be used and laundered over and over again, yet still survive to be passed on to you grandchildren.

How exactly is an Amish quilt made? The batting and layers of fabric are all placed tautly into a quilting frame, and a real person (not a machine!) hand stitches thousands of small, uniform seams. A king size quilt could contain upwards of seventy thousand stitches! Once the quilt top, batting, and bottom have been sewn together, the next step is to add design. These designs can range from traditional and classic designs, hundreds of years old, to more individualized designs that use unique patchwork and appliques. Patchwork is typically done with a non-electric sewing machine (these have been around for two centuries), while applique and embroidery work is done by hand.