Take a step back in time

Amish furniture has long been known as both simple and beautiful, with an unparalleled build structure that literally lasts generations. Few modern furniture makers can claim such a long and unbroken tradition of quality. Where does the Amish style and build quality come from, and how is it maintained so well? Amish furniture is inextricably tied with the long history of the Amish faith and culture. Many people know that the Amish tradition in America began in Pennsylvania. From that initial movement, waves of people branched out into other states such as New York, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Although mainstream society has changed dramatically since the early days of the movement, the elements of late 17th century European rural culture remain remarkably preserved among every sect of Amish people.

Weaver’s Farm and Furniture is based in Danville, Ohio, near the heart of what is often referred to as Ohio’s “Amish country.” In fact, our store is located directly in an original rural barn that was built in the 1850s. Our traditions of furniture building retains the sincerity of a time where it was more important to build well than to build many. A time when profit margins were much less important than creating a beautiful legacy of your work. We hope that you leave our store with not only a beautiful bed or set of kitchen cabinets, but also a little piece of the Amish heart and soul.