The heart of Amish made furniture

There are many manufacturers who offer high-quality, custom furniture. The Amish are not the only people who love the elegance of a finely crafted bookcase, or the sturdiness of a hand wrought dining table. What, then, makes Amish woodworking truly unique?

We hope that as you decide how to outfit your home, you realize that everything cannot be reduced to comparing spec sheets or image galleries. The true quality of your furniture pieces is often not apparent until long after it has been assembled and placed in your home—and by then, it is too late to change your mind! Furniture making is a process, and the quality and longevity of your chairs or your desk depends on that process. Most major brands of furniture focus exclusively on saving their cost and increasing their profits. Solid wood furniture is replaced by particle board with fake veneers. Flaws and imperfections abound as underpaid crafters are told to focus on quantity over quality. These practices are the antithesis of the undeniable character of the Amish culture—a character that transcends into everything they create.

Simply said, traditional Amish crafters put their heart and soul into their furniture. A dresser is not merely a dresser—it is a reflection of the woodworker’s contribution to a more beautiful world. We hope that you trust our long history in custom woodworking so that we can create only the highest quality, solid wood furniture for your house and home. Anything less is simply not up to our standards. Please enjoy your stay!